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Nanograss Photonics

Do Optoelectronics With Us!

Nanograss Photonics leverages Opto-plasmonic technology to solve bottlenecks of conventional opto-electronics for ultra-fast tele/data communications beyond 5G.

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Nanograss selected as a fellow of startup global program in taiwan

June 2019

About Us

This is what we do.

Nanograss is a US-based company that provides next-generation technologies for ultra-high-volume information processing infrastructure at the physical layer. Through its proprietary Opto-plasmonic technology, Nanograss has defied the limitations of conventional physics and produces optical detector devices with unprecedented bandwidths, efficiencies, and simplicity.

Our core technology attracts a diverse pool of design engineers for Data-center Networking and Optical Communications, to Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computation. Nanograss' technology is based on over 30-years of scientific research on fiber-optic communication devices at Drexel University; we have learned how to tame light and make electrons dance to our tune to simplify the complexities of modern opto-electronic circuits from a bottom-up approach.


Opto-plasmonic Devices

Our patented technology provides solutions for optical communications, data centers, and 3rd generation photovoltaic applications.


Featured Item

Our patented PD technology leverages electronic wave engineering to provide a bandwidth of >240GHz, with a large active area, high sensitivity, and near-equilibrium operating conditions. We are integrating this into an optical transceiver module for use in data center communications.

3rd Gen. Photovoltaics

New Addition

Our Nanowire technology provides unprecedented quantum efficiencies, while being integratable with common Silicon technology. It finds use for power smart devices in IoT and Autonomous Vehicles at low-illumination moon-light conditions.


The Team

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1407 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 303, Flourtown PA 19031